How to Improve Your Home Theater Viewing Experience by Using Subwoofers

In this article, I’m going to focus and subwoofers and highlight their function in a home theater setting. If you have never experienced a proper home theater setting, I recommend to visit your local retailer who can give you a demo.

In the demo, you probably have noticed that is subwoofer can add quite a new dimension to the sound experience. In particular, explosions and other sounds are emphasized a lot more if you have the proper frequency response of those low frequencies. Regular speakers typically lack in terms of being able to reproduce these frequencies.

If you don’t have space for setting up the subwoofer in your room, you might also consider some wireless subwoofer kits. These systems allow you to locate the subwoofer anywhere inside your room without stringing long cables. That will give you a great amount of flexibility. You obviously can also go for a dedicated wireless subwoofer if you don’t have the option of placing the subwoofer near your AV receiver. However, most home theater in a box systems don’t include such a wireless product. Therefore, a better choice may be to …

How to Protect Yourself from a Scam When Purchasing Consumer Electronics

The fact is that there are many people who commit fraud online especially in sales. I will outline some basic guidelines that should keep you safe when shopping for consumer electronics online.

Oftentimes simply looking at the website will give you a good idea whether you are dealing with a professional retailer or a mom-and-pop store. At the very least you should have contact information on the website which includes a phone number and address. Also, some companies will publish references and perhaps there D&B number.

Before purchasing, I would contact the retailer to see whether they are responsive at all. I definitely recommend calling them to see if they are open during non-business hours. If you have audio purchased from a specific website before, then most likely you are dealing with a trustworthy retailer. However, by choosing a large and reputable websites, you can oftentimes eliminate the chance of being defrauded.

Many people prefer purchasing in retail shops versus online shopping. Certainly, not having to review your credit card information will add a layer of security. Also, you can talk with the salesperson face-to-face. When purchasing from …

A Look at Some Recent Smart Phones

Even though this block is mostly dedicated to audio equipment, I want to nonetheless take a look at some smart phones. Smart phones offer the ability to store and stream music. Therefore, modern phones can very well be considered an audio device. What is most useful about smart phones in terms of their audio capability is that they are very small and thus portable. If you already have a music collection in a format that can be stored in memory than it is quite easy to take your music with you.

wireless speakers from Amphony

However, don’t expect miracles. Modern smart phones don’t usually have every high-and converter circuits. That means that the music which is streamed from phone typically has a certain amount of noise. If you do want to have a maximum of audio fidelity then you will need to invest in some high-grade audio equipment. There are media servers on the market which have very high-and converters. They also have a hard drive that usually has much larger capacity then the memory which is built into modern phones. Don’t forget, that after all the memory inside your phone is …